About Us

How we started

In 2013 the journey began near Lichfield with building on a small 0.25 acre site, on which there was 1000 sq ft of outdoor veg beds and 2000 sq ft of polytunnels which housed our aquaponic system, growing organic herbs and lettuce alongside fresh tilapia. A  year or so in 100 chickens where added for free range eggs. From the off our flock always had supplemental forage we gathered as well as all veg trimmings and roots from the aquaponics system produce.

With the farm growing our local customer base and basically being at capacity on our site, more hens for free range eggs where needed. It was then a generous neighbour offered small portion of their field to house more and allow us to grow the farm.

So in 2016 we got in another 400 hens and started to get known by local chefs for our super high quality and fresh free range eggs as the golden yolks and super freshness of our free range eggs makes for a superior tasting meal.

This then lead to another expansion of our flock in 2017 to a 1000 laying hens, of which through word of mouth all the customers were already waiting for the eggs.

In 2018 after years of saving and the bereavement of our chief farmers grandfather and grandmother that instilled his passion for vegetable growing and why buy it if you can make it attitude, we secured our own 17 acres of freedom to finally start to build the Sustainable Offgrid Farm using methods that will only improve our land for us and the natural world. 

we are Natures Shepherds 

Our ethos

The natural world is a gift and modern agriculture is fighting a Blitzkrieg against it with Herbicides, Pesticides, relentless ploughing, ripping out hedges and  the massive use of chemical fertilizers.

We never use chemicals of any kind and only organic manure or bio digested nutrients from on the farm.

We grow our own feeds and forage for our animals minimising external inputs to the farm.

We rotate our animals around the land in a way that mimics nature on all of the worlds great grasslands herbivore followed by birds(our chickens) to promote soil grow and quality. 

We use aquaponics and raised bed to minimise water usage.

We let the hedges grow thick and tall for wild birds to nest and feed.

we let the river be a river and never interfere with its flow or dredge promoting more natural river ecosystem.

We know things can be different and nature can only aid a farm if you let it.